A RAM-based Mini-Distro

MM-Linux is ~10M compressed, with X and a window manager.
It loads and runs completely in memory.
Everything is 64-bit.
Everything not X-related is statically linked.
Boots from Grub to X in 10 seconds and halts in 3 seconds
Screenshot: mm-linux-1.0.png

Here it is: mm-linux-1.0.tar.gz
The tarball includes the kernel, initramfs, and a bootloader example.

If you just want the initramfs or my statically-linked binaries, you can browse here: MM-Linux/

And here is a build without X: vmlinuz-mm-linux-static-no-x
With this one everything is statically linked so no library files are included.
Also, the kernel has the initramfs built inline so there is only a single file (~5MB).

I’ve attempted to include source code links for all the software used.

What is included


* (S) indicates software I’ve statically linked

Possible Uses

  • System rescue
  • Simple server (httpd, sshd, telnetd, ftpd, tftpd, etc)
  • Network performance testing (netperf, pktgen, tcpdump)

Sites I found Useful

Great Mini-Distros